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Before you start reading this article, there is one important thing to
mention. The renderings published below aren’t in any way connected to
the stories. They are simply examples of really good works, their sole
purpose here is to make the post more appealing and good-looking. Just
like that. The article itself is supposed to be ‘for fun’, at least I hope so 🙂

If you aren’t a newbie in the field and you’ve had the opportunity to work on many projects with various people, for sure you’ve encountered some that… aren’t exactly geniuses and no one knows how they had ended up with the job in the first place. What I have in mind specifically are the stories related to such people, that later become the source of jokes and anecdotes shared with colleagues over a beer. But before they become ‘the funny anecdote’, they are usually rooted in a very stressful situation for the individual. Today I want to recall some of the stories, funny mistakes of the newbies connected to knowing (or not knowing) 3D. For a start I want to mention my personal #1…

Author: Łukasz Grzesiczak

“I have been wondering all this time how in the world the guy had got the job. We are a quite big firm so we usually don’t hire random people who have no portfolio to prove their skills. Anyway, this guy’s work was questionable, doing the job done fast wasn’t his strongest suit either. He was even able to screw up a pavement around a building where he had to place the assets such as benches, street lights, garbage cans etc. During the first month no one even took notice, the next month it got even worse but when in one of the projects he had implemented the Edit Poly modifier in proxy objects, that was the last straw.”

Author: Artur Saljukov

“One guy had worked with us only for three days. He had been honest about being a beginner in the 3D department. Nevertheless, he got the chance. Ignoring the fact that he would be cutting out five window holes in the walls for over an hour, for another two he would be choosing cars to place on the streets and it would take him half an hour to choose between 0,2mm and 0,3 mm chamfer of the pole. Beside all that.. he was a real dimwit, whom you couldn’t bear for 8 hours in the office. And all that had happened during the span of two days. He got fired the next day because he applied the same chamfer to the buildings which were supposed to be placed in the background as assets. As he had said, he had only wanted the corners to look nice… no comment…”

Author: Orange Graphics

“From the business owner point of view: he wasn’t actually my employee. I invited him to the interview because of a project I had found in his portfolio, my project to be specific. I wanted to have a little fun. Before he came I had purposely hung the printed renderings on the back wall. Eventually, I gave up the idea to make fun of him because he was actually a clever guy. I carried out the interview as I always would, we had a nice chat for over 20 mins. At the end I said I wanted to show him one of my projects and asked him to turn around. He knew what was going on right away when he spotted the renderings. His explanation was that he had only wanted to improve his portfolio and that it was hard to believe that a Polish guy could do such rendering. I would have hired him, at least on probation, of course if he had not stolen someone else’s work. Maybe that will be a precaution for others not to pull such a stunt. Our branch is not that big after all and most people know each other.”

Author: Pixel Folks

“It’s not the case that someone got fired but I simply stopped working with that person. As you know, I work as a freelancer. Sometimes when I am overwhelmed with tasks I outsource some part of the work. A year ago I have entrusted a beginner to do the apartment block (medium sized) and the buildings around it. Very simple project, with the renderings, even for a not so skilled graphic designer, 4 days at most. It took him a week to have done that. The file size was over 3GB! It turned out that even the windows on the back (not seen in the rendering) had been the hi-poly models. Thank God that he hadn’t add the curtains, for example. What surprised me the most was the fact that he did all that on i5 + 8GB RAM laptop. Till now I’m not sure how he had managed to do that. Anyway.. unfortunately I had to make some improvements or even do some elements once again from the scratch. He got paid, despite the fact that the job hadn’t been done correctly, but that’s where our collaboration ended. Your question made me curious about him so I have found his Facebook profile. It seems that he still deals with 3D but I haven’t seen any progress there.”

Author: Tony Antoun

“For a change, maybe I will share not someone else’s but one of my not-so-successful job stories? It was about 4 years ago and I won’t lie.. my skills were almost none when it comes to the department of designing. I could only do some simple buildings and add the ready models to the scenery. And the settings? Well.. Evermotion helped with that. I didn’t make a fortune but I definitely got more confident.. definitely too fast. But I found a job at the architectural design studio. After 2 weeks of work I received a scene made by a previous employee in order to make a night shot. Shock! I had no idea how to do that and even worse.. the other designer was sitting next to me staring at my screen. I knew I had to make it work somehow but I had definitely outdone myself. I recalled that XForm is used to reset the object settings so I thought it could work with the light change.. so I used it. That was when the other guy asked me what I was doing. In retrospect, I think I could have asked for help. I could have told the truth.. that I’d had no idea how to do that but it was really important for me to work there in order to improve my skills. But what I only managed to do was to make a fool of myself. 3 or 4 hours later I was already at home, sitting cozy by the computer with a cold beer in my hand, watching some funny videos and thinking what to do next with my life :-)”

Author: MOT

Just to be clear.. the anecdotes were collected from my friends. I was even involved in one of them (indirectly). But I won’t tell you which one 🙂 Every storyteller wishes to remain anonymous. Sadly, I am acquainted with such situations as mentioned above. If you have any story to add, please, feel free to share it with me. Another post of such kind will definitely appear here in the future. In the meantime, leaving the gloomy Monday behind us, I want to thank you all for your attention. I hope the post have brightened your day a bit. After all, Wednesday is almost like a ‘small’ Friday 🙂


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