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    1. Welcome to Henan Xinlong Heavy Industry Technology Co., LTD., specializing in providing Raymond grinding equipment, ultra-fine, vertical, European grinding machine and other mechanical equipment, the price is superior.

      Superior technology, standardized management, practical attitude, quality service

      Raymond mill equipment. Raymond mill equipment

      3 R & D strength Build Raymond mill equipment

      Years of experience, Raymond mill equipment in operation everywhere

      • Strong R&D team

        The company has a group of experienced management scientists, engineers and R & D team, the company will continue to increase in the future, to provide customers with high standards and diversified engineering services

      • Sound production system

        Perfect product testing system and quality assurance system, strict implementation of effective and reliable production management standards

        The digital automatic management system has been established in the domestic industry

      • Customized according to user needs

        According to the different needs of users, specially developed and designed to meet the user's model.

      Consult now
      Why choose Xinlong Heavy Industry technology


      • Strong strength

        Perfect product testing system and quality assurance system

      • Tailor made

        More than 3,000 enterprises witnessed it

      • Hardware enterprise

        Establish an automated management system in the industry

      • Service guarantee

        Provide you with one-stop service

      Service FUWU

      24 hours + service, improve pre-sale, sale, after-sales
      • Free installation guide
      • Field commissioning machine
      • Monthly routine inspection
      • Preventive maintenance

      XINLONG Xinlong

      Excellent quality, quality guaranteed!
      Direct supply from Raymond mill manufacturers

      The company has strong strength, production and sales of ultrafine grinding machine, grinding machinery, vertical grinding machine, European grinding machine. Perfect product testing system and quality assurance system, the establishment of digital automatic management system, so that employees have a strong sense of responsibility.

      XINLONG Xinlong

      We are committed to providing you with more suitable grinding equipment
      Models complete, comprehensive products

      Continuous development and innovation of better products, perfect product testing system and quality assurance system, diversified products, more choices, cost rationalization.

      Offer YOUHUI

      We have more manufacturers preferential prices
      To a greater extent to benefit customers!

      Enjoy the original factory preferential purchase price, we can provide good quality products.

      Xinlong Lei Meng grinding powder equipment

      Products have won the praise of every customer!

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      Frequently asked questions
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